Other Seed Varieties

In addition to our Bashaw Annual Ryegrass, we raise several other varieties of grass seed. These include one additional pasture annual ryegrass, one forage ryegrass, two forage tall fescues and one turf-type tall fescue.

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Featured Annual Ryegrass

Bashaw Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass Means BIG GAINS!

  • High Yields
  • Quick Establishment
  • Excellent Nutritional Value
  • Winterhardy

Best time to plant seed:

Seed Bashaw in the Fall. Fall plant no later than 45-60 days before first killing frost. Versatile, easy to establish, disease resistant, deep dense rooted, cool season grass. 

Planting instructions:

  • Plant 20 to 25 pounds per acre for pasture production. Increase seeding rate to 25% - 50% for no-till seeding and up to 50% for broadcast seeding or poor planting conditions.
  • Bashaw is one of the easiest grasses to establish. It may be sown on clean-burned stubble, prepared or unprepared seedbed. Bashaw will tolerate wetter soil conditions.
  • When seeding into prepared seedbed, lime and fertilized according to a soil test and control weeds for best results. At planting, applying 35-40 lbs/acre of nitrogen fertilizer is recommended to ensure good establishment.
  • In prepared seedbed, seed should be covered with ¼ to ½ inch of soil with either drag chains behind the seed drill or using a drag harrow for covering broadcast seeding.
  • Pulling a cultipacker or light roller over the field after seeding will give good seed-to-soil contact and promote more vigorous seedling growth.
  • Works well with Legumes and Brassicas.